traipsing around the tundra

I’m back in the Arctic and it’s a beautiful day. Perfect for a little walk around to see what’s blooming!

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the great easter ulu expedition

We planned for this trip for a whopping 24hours. Thats right folks, it was a hustle. We had thought about it earlier in the week but the weather wasn’t looking promising. The morning before last though, I woke up and saw that the temps were gonna be okay (-17 overnight), with a 15km wind – prob fiiiiine. So we said “hells ya” and got our shit together. Continue reading

there was a trail

Last year Anne-Cécile and I struggled with heavy packs and trudged our way through soggy, soft moss in the North side of Akshayuk Pass only to be turned around halfway because of high water levels. This year we figured we’d finish the pass from the South side, which we were told was better anyway (and it was!) Continue reading

overnight camping

We went for a little impromptu camping trip this weekend. It was short and sweet and bloody windy. It’s all been fog and rain and wind these days but we decided to go anyways because, lets get real, if we were to wait for the weather to change we might be waiting forever. Continue reading

crossing my fingers

Just to give you an idea of travelling in the north.

My flight from Pang was delayed by about half an hour, no big deal, there was a 1 hour layover in Iqaluit.

We land and they tell us that the plane to Ottawa has decided to leave without us. They don’t want to wait. I watched as people lined up in single file and got on the plane that was taking off without us.  Continue reading

the pierre radisson

So here I am in Manitoba and I’m reminiscing about the good times up north. This is the last tidbit of fun I had just before heading south for the fall and boy was it ever a gooder.

We were just pulling into the harbour after a day hike into the park when I noticed the zodiac. I waved them over but Aaron was the one to start talking. Stuff about perhaps doing research on the ship and his history of doing Arctic research blah blah blah. The response was that he’d have to contact the Coast Guard in Iqaluit. Well he may have thought that was the end of the conversation and was perfectly okay with letting that little zodiac go but there was noooooo way I was gonna end it on that note. I wanted to check out that ship! So I obviously call them over and say “Hey! Just wait one second. Can we come on the ship for fun?” and although the zodiac operator said I’d have to talk to the Captain the rest on board all nodded their heads! This would be a breeze.  Continue reading